The team of SRC now has a supporting cast of 20 but you won't find them on the stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. That is, unless they are receiving an award for the impossible.

You see, the team of SRC have the talent of bringing buildings to life. Combining this electrical and mechanical design talents SRC provided a team approach to mechanical/electrical systems design. They kicked off their show in the depths of a recession (1982) and twenty years later are compleating up to 60 projects a year.

Required in every building design are electrical systems for lighting, power distribution, emergency power and lighting, fire alarm, telephone, cablevision, and security. Mechanical systems include heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sprinkler and plumbing. While existing separately, these mechanical/electrical systems are often dependant on each other in the efficient operation of the building.

SRC empahises the need to incorporate these separate engineering disciplines into one company to ensure and enhance the design coordination essential to successful systems operation. The team is better able to provide a truly comprehensive service to their clients. Coordination is enhanses, greater communication exists between the two disciplines, and there is no confusion between systems.

Since their incorporation in 1982, SRC Engineering have designed more than 1000 industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings throughout British Columbia, the Yukon, Alberta, Ontario, California, Texas and Washington..

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